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19 year old gay Christian with dreams of becoming a character designer. Going through life and appreciating every moment! If you ever need someone to vent to or just talk, I'm all ears!


dammit Ben.


shitty art is shitty

Really old jackrabbit art that I forgot existed after I shutdown my tooth ask blog. Thank you ipod. TTwTT

Lilly basically goes from


and back to



She’s cute.
She’s tall.
She’s got gorgeous eyebrows.
And a stunning smile.
I didn’t say a name, but she popped into your head, didn’t she?



They’re totally going to do it.

Where the Heart Aches


This one is pretty raw and unpolished, but I can’t work it over anymore. I hope Green Arrow is at least semi-plausible here; if not, chalk it up to the fact that his words are paraphrased from what I’ve been hearing this week… and the past decade before that.

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where the feels ache

It’s funny how supportive I was of Teen Titans Go! at first and now I’ve come to absolutely loathe it. TTwTT

I love how Loki has such a lame power but the majority of us are freaking out over him anyways.


30 Day Video Game Challenge
Day 4: Game Character You Feel You Are Most Like

Ben Paul

Everyone seems to forget that Ben is just a kid. He was older than Clementine and Duck so everyone expected so much more out of him when he was already a nervous kid to begin with. He’s a fuck up, but he doesn’t mean to be. He never does anything with the intention of hurting someone else and tries to do what’s best for the group but it doesn’t always work out. He felt that he was a burden and that the group would not only be better off with him gone, but that they wanted him gone. That’s why I relate to him the most.